Permaculture Association Course Finder

Permaculture Association Course Finder

In reference to my last post on me attending a Permaculture Course in Durham, well to find out where you can study one in your area you should visit the Permaculture Association.

Also I think the general cost of the course is around £500 but a lot of places offer “time exchange” options to pay off the cost of the course via working with them at say their small holding, so almost anyone can afford to do the course really!

Best of luck if you do decide to take the course, I’ll be reporting back on how I felt in went in the coming months so stay posted.

Permaculture Design Certificate in Durham

Permaculture Design Certificate in Durham

I just thought I’d let you know about I’m going to be studying a Permaculture Design Certificate up in Durham (U.K.) at Abundant Earth with a guy named Wilf Richards. Really looking forward to this learning experience, something I’ve wanted to do for some time.

Starting: September the 7th and 8th with 5 further weekends to follow
Location: Allington House and Abundant Earth, Durham, UK


HSL Plug Plants for UK Mail Order

HSL Plug Plants for UK Mail Order

This is one for next year really and is just a follow up to my last post to say that you can buy some of the Tomato varieties from the Heritage Seed Library in “plug” plants exclusively Delfland Nurseries via mail order. 

What I got from them back in April, 6 plants for £16.50 with free delivery:

  • Tomato “Jubilee”
  • Tomato “Darby Striped”
  • Tomato “Noir”
  • Tomato “Orange Bannana”
  • Tomato “Small Pear Shape”
  • Tomato “Wladeck’s”

I’ll be reporting back soon with pictures from the greenhouse to show how they are getting on, the good ad the bad… one or two of them like Wladecks and Noir are looks very nice indeed, can’t wait to sample there delights

Let me know if I’m missing out on any other mail order Heritage/Heirloom plants, thanks!

The Heritage Seed Library (for Tomatoes)

The Heritage Seed Library (for Tomatoes)

I just wanted to to put up a link to the “charity/club” as I joined a few years ago and support what they are doing, there is an argument out there at some of the more modern tomato varieties have been breed for disease resistance and yield and in doing so have lost some of those old interesting tastes qualities of yesteryear!

The Heritage Seed Library (formally known as The Henry Doubleday Research Association) based in the UK is well known for holding a large variety of old open pollinated Heritage and Heirloom varieties of vegetables that would have otherwise have been lost or forgotten.

The basic principle is that you become a member for £20 and they send you 6-7 varieties of what ever vegetables you wish for, so if your thing is tomatoes you can get those. It’s not exactly cheap at £3 a pack but you are supporting a cause here and it’s difficult to get access to these “lines” anywhere else so you pay for what you get.

I got other veg from them but the Tomatoes I got from them in seed Enorma, Jubilee and Sugar Italian Plum. I will be updating the blog with photo’s from my greenhouse soon showing you the good and the bad.

I also got some of the Plug plants from Delfland Nurseries but I will add another post for that too.

Let me know if you have a good source for open pollinated Heritage or Heirloom seed or can suggest a good tasty tomato for me?