How Trees Talk

Fascinating short clip on how trees communicate via huge networks of fungi in the soil, fascinating stuff. These symbiotic relationships are nothing short of amazing!

“The massive underground roots of Fir trees are colonized by below ground Fungi, because the Fungi can’t produce their own food. Instead, their vast underground networks tap into the roots of trees and other plants. The plants provide the fungi with carbon based sugar. And the fungal network returns the favor, providing the trees with nutrients. Many plant species are dependent on Fungi for their survival and the Douglas Fir is no exception. in turn, the underground fungi are equally dependent on the trees carbon.”
Run time: 4:34sec | By: PBS: Nature: What Plants Talk About 2013 | At: British Columbia Rain Forest

Another video shows Suzanne Simard talking in more detail about her research behind these plant communication networks and the so called “mother trees”.

Suzanne’s publications/research: