Introduction To Aquaponics And Quail Podcast


Jonny and Tammy interviews (starts @ 36min) Bill Petney about his Aquaponics system and touchs on his experiance with raising Quail too, its a good little interview. Bill discusses running his “barrelponics” setup over the last two years and how he plans to go over to using IBC tanks. For those unaware, Aquaponics is using the waste from fish to feed plants and the plants in turn “clean” the water for the fish. You can go a step or two further and be growing edible fish as well as your greens, you can also then feed the fish onĀ soldier fly larvae (from your kitchen scraps) as well. An interesting introduction to Aquaponics.


Check out the link below for more “self sufficent homesteader” podcasts.


Poultry: Quail, Chicken & Ducks Eggs


Birds for the Permaculture garden should include Chickens, Ducks or Quail or maybe even a combination of them the 3. All are very easy to keep really with only say maybe the addition of a small “pond” to accommodate for the ducks. Obviously these are often most useful for their eggs but are a great source of meat/protein too of course. If you want to start keeping animals as a food source this is where you want to start.
I think it’s also worth mentioning that if you choose to keep birds you may want to try and source some rare poultry breeds and also practice good healthy biodiversity in your selection too, its a positive move forward in my opinion.

There is so much more to say on the subject and it’s something I’ll be covering much more in the coming weeks.