The Pinkberry

The Pinkberry

It’s a pink Blueberry that’s reputed to be twice as sweet as your average Blueberry, what more reason do you need to try it. It’s named ‘Pink Lemonade’ and it’s the result from years of development in the 1970’s by the United States Department of Agriculture.

It appears to have become popular with home growers in recent years due to the growing research into the power of cancer-fighting antioxidants from so called “super-fruits” like blueberries. People speak of added beneficial effects that can be gained from certain colour pigments in fruits like the colour purple for instance, maybe pink has something worth having too. I think it’s potentially a bit of a novelty for those looking for something a bit different BUT I don’t see why it’s not worth having in your collection, diversity is beneficial is it not?

The fruits begin green, then become speckled in pink and then take on a rich pink colouring as they mature in August and September. The plant also has decorative merits due to it’s fiery orange foliage in the autumn.
Like all blueberries it also requires an acidic soil so is especially happy in a large container of ericaceous compost. It reaches about 5ft/1.5m high and wide, with masses of twiggy branches. Although it’s self fertile, it will crop much heavier if another blueberry is planted nearby.-

I know my little girls going to completely love these, Blueberrys are already her favorite fruit. Just hoping I won’t have to wait too long before we get a harvest to taste, they look delicious.

I’ll be getting mine from Blackmoor: