Nature By Numbers

An interesting animation showing mathematical concepts expressing their form in nature in things such as Phi, The Golden Ratio & Fibonacci Sequence, absolutely fascinating stuff. Mans knowledge of this stuff possibly goes back 1000’s of years, all the way back to the time of the Pyramids and beyond. If your not familiar with these concepts at all then it may serve you well to familiarise yourself with them, maybe even things such things as Sacred Geometry too.

“When the Spanish filmmaker and graphic designer Cristóbal Vila looks at nature, he sees numbers, and the remarkable elegance of mathematics. The theorems and geometric equations that explain natural phenomena – such as the shape of an insect’s eye, or the structure of a seashell – come to life in this short documentary, and simultaneously bring beauty to mathematics and logic to nature. Uniting music and animation with mathematics, Nature by Numbers is a sensory science film, an immersion in the world of the minute and microscopic, and an exciting introduction to some of the great geometric and scientific concepts.”

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