Off Grid Hot Water Solution

Building A Rocket Stove Mass Water Heater

Geoff Lawton goes though building a rocket stove mass water heater that’s to be plumbed in along with a mixer tap for cold water for all your washing needs. I find it very interesting stuff for off grid living or those with no access to amenities. Why go without when it’s s this easy?

I wanted to post this first but much more to follow on Rocket Stove Mass Heaters.

Use A Solar/Sun Compass When Planning Your Designs

Sun Compass

“A compass is of course a vital tool for determining the orientation of your plot. Illustrated is a ‘solar compass’ which is also useful for working out sun sectors e.g. where the sun will rise and set and its highest point in the sky at different times of the year.”

Solar Compass For Land Design

Photo taken from Graham Burnetts site

Permaculture Association Course Finder

Permaculture Association Course Finder

In reference to my last post on me attending a Permaculture Course in Durham, well to find out where you can study one in your area you should visit the Permaculture Association.

Also I think the general cost of the course is around £500 but a lot of places offer “time exchange” options to pay off the cost of the course via working with them at say their small holding, so almost anyone can afford to do the course really!

Best of luck if you do decide to take the course, I’ll be reporting back on how I felt in went in the coming months so stay posted.

Permaculture Design Certificate in Durham

Permaculture Design Certificate in Durham

I just thought I’d let you know about I’m going to be studying a Permaculture Design Certificate up in Durham (U.K.) at Abundant Earth with a guy named Wilf Richards. Really looking forward to this learning experience, something I’ve wanted to do for some time.

Starting: September the 7th and 8th with 5 further weekends to follow
Location: Allington House and Abundant Earth, Durham, UK