The Future Of Food

This BBC documentary sees George Alagiah travel the world in search of solutions to the growing global food crisis and how we’ll go about securing access to food (food security) for the rising populations. This along with coping with a ever changing climate, water shortages and the effect of our reliance/dependance on oil based fertilisers and as an energy source.

UK/EU Facing Food Security Catastrophe Due To Honeybee Shortages

This report by the University of Reading highlights that the preservation of the honeybee is of the utmost importance. Europe has 13.4 million too few honeybee colonies to properly pollinate its crops. Demand for insect pollination is growing five times as fast as the number of honeybee colonies across Europe as farmers grow more insect-pollinated oil crops, such as oilseed rape and sunflowers and also fruit.

“We need a proper strategy across Europe to conserve wild bees and pollinators through habitat protection, agricultural policy and farming methods, or we risk big financial losses to the farming sector and a potential food security crisis.” – Professor Simon Potts


Direct Link to Uni -report:

It also follows a two-year ban implemented in December across the European Union on insecticides that were linked to the serious decline of bees. These insecticides are said to potentially be a contributing factor in the CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder) that Hives have been experiencing over the last 5 years, the full causes of which are still yet unknown. I’ll be reporting more on CCD in future posts.

It sounds as though every little helps right now for the Bee populations so if you needed an excuse to plant bee friendly plants, maybe some native wild flowers then here it is.

Maybe you could go that step further and have a Bubblebee Hive or even keep some Honeybee’s and gain a yield in exchange for a lovely home. I plan to post more on that later too.