The Future Of Food

This BBC documentary sees George Alagiah travel the world in search of solutions to the growing global food crisis and how we’ll go about securing access to food (food security) for the rising populations. This along with coping with a ever changing climate, water shortages and the effect of our reliance/dependance on oil based fertilisers and as an energy source.

Organic Chicken Has 10x More Omega 3

Watch this great clip showing supermarket bought chickens being tested in a tab for fat and omega 3 contents. It basically shows that an Organic free range chickens have 10x more omega 3 and is a less fatty product than the rest.

Animals themselves can’t create their own essentially fatty acids (omega 3) they have to get that from plants/grass, along with exercise and a long (slowly grown) life. Free range is the way forward and organically fed makes a lot of sense.

We Are What You Eat?

Eye opening clip showing the ugly side of our industrial scale meat production and ends in showing us what its doing to our bodies!

Really is well worth a watching, the part showing the pigs was really quite disgusting! As consumers we have really got to use our spending power and not buy mass produced rubbish.

Its just another reason to support local farms that have humane stocking densities and treat their livestock well. Look for farms selling onsite butchers and those that distribute at farmers markets for more informed information about where your meat comes from. Other interesting things to look out for is “rare breeds”, “organic”, “free range”, they often are more focused on quality over quantity.

Finally its got to be said we eat a lot more meat than we need in a western diet and it’s said by Doctors here in the UK that a Mediterranean diet is the way to go which entails having meat just once a week (along with fish twice a week). Maybe cuttings back on the meat and spending more money on a higher quality well reared animal while supporting local businesses is likely best for us all. Of course I’ll let you be the judge of that!

This clip is taken from the movie “Samsara”.

Superfruit: Goji Berry

Superfood: Goji Berry

The Goji Berry, also known as Wolfberries (Lycium barbarum/chinense), the Himalayan fruit that contains all 18 amino acids (six times higher than bee pollen), 21 minerals as well as huge amounts of vitamins (A, B1, B2, B6 & E). Gram for gram they are packed with even more iron than steak and spinach and more beta carotene and vitamin C than carrots and oranges, respectively. A true Superfood if ever there was one but also the most fashionable too. The plants are very hardy and cope well with salt winds and even droughts too so are perfect for most climates and most people.


I’ve personally never even tried a fresh Goji Berry, only ever had them in their dried format but they were lovely, I can’t wait to plant a bush this year and eventually reap the rewards in the future. This is my little girls (coming up 2) second favorite fruit behind Blueberries, she’ll be more excited than me to try them. It’s gonna be lovely to show her them growing on the plant. She invaded the greenhouse most days eating my tomatoes from the greenhouse last year, it was so cute but I don’t think she’ll be waiting till the berries are ripe, wish the plants luck for me.

Mediterranean Diet Key To Preventing Cronic Diseases

As they say “We Are What We Eat”:Image

Eleven senior doctors have presented a strong, new mandate to Prime Minister David Cameron of the English Government, insisting that it’s time for diet to be placed at the forefront of health policy. Although it was research specifically into the prevention of dementia that led to this conclusion, the doctors agree that the Mediterranean diet can go a long way toward preventing many other chronic illnesses.

A Mediterranean-style diet is one that’s rich in fruits, vegetables, nuts and olive oil. Fish is eaten at least twice a week, but meat and sugar only once. Moderate consumption of wine is advised. According to this article in the National Post, such a diet reduces the risk of coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and Alzheimers, while improving cognitive function.

National Post Link:

It’s not rocket science is it, stop eating processed food and start cooking with fresh produce (preferably organic in my opinion) that you’ve sourced locally from a trust worthy place. Cut down on consumption of meat as well as high sugar content foods. Eat nuts and seeds as well as healthy oil extracts. Just common sense really isn’t it but how many people in England eat with common sense.

Reading these things are making me take a closer look at what I eat and a good start will be me trying to grow my own clean nutrient dense vegetables at home. I’ve got a little girl too so healthy eating in on the forefront of my mind and I need to set a good example too.