Desertification: The Invisible Frontline


Check out this fascinating and informative publication (linked below) on Desertification and Land Degradation and its effect on food security and regional conflict.

“A new publication by the UNCCD examines desertification as a cause of global conflict and instability and calls for urgent action to support communities in crisis.

More than 1.5 billion people in the world depend on degrading land, and 74% of them are poor. As the effects of climate change undermine livelihoods, inter-ethnic clashes are breaking out within and across states and fragile states are turning to militarization to control the situation.
The effects of desertification are increasingly felt globally as victims turn into refugees, internally displaced people and forced migrants or they turn to radicalization, extremism or resource-driven wars for survival.
If we are to restore peace, security and international stability in a context where changing weather events are threatening the livelihoods of more and more people, survival options are declining and state capacities are overburdened, then more should be done to combat desertification, reverse land degradation and mitigate the effects of drought.
Otherwise, many small-scale farmers and poor, land-dependent communities face two choices: fight or flight.”

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