Blackcurrants May Reduce Symptoms Of Asthma


Chemical compounds in blackcurrants can reduce inflammation and help breathing in some types of asthma, New Zealand researchers have found.

Researchers at the agency Plant & Food Research tested a range of blackcurrant varieties in vitro, and found that many reduced a key step associated with allergy-induced asthma.

Analysis of the successful varieties suggested the ability was tied to the ratio of two anthocyanins within the berries.

Science Group Leader Dr Roger Hurst said: “The consumption of some fruit types have been shown to reduce symptoms in allergy-induced asthma but this research has provided more insights into the likely bioactive compounds in fruit that are responsible.”

He added: “In the future we may be able to develop foods based on the correct balance of these compounds that can be consumed as safer, natural alternatives to assist conventional drug treatments for asthma and other allergic conditions.” 

The findings are published in the journal Food & Function.

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I’ll be posting more on “anthocyanins” in the very near future, really quite fascinating stuff.