Using Cutting Edge DNA Analysis To Unlock The Secrets Of The Soil

Scientists unlocking the secrets of soil by unravelling its genetic fingerprint. His garden soil has had its ‘DNA’ sequenced in a race against the clock, to highlight both the rapid advances in DNA sequencing technology and its expanding range of uses in biological science.

The data unearthed which microorganisms are in the soil and what they do. This cutting edge soil analysis, known as ‘metagenomics’, is still in its infancy but could offer great benefits for agriculture, helping us to understand how soil works, how climate and farming can affect soil systems, and how to ensure productivity and sustainability.

A truly fascinating technology that will be extremely useful for next generation soil analysis and finding out how different agricultural/horticultural techniques affect the ratios and diversity of the organisms from the soil food web.

How To Forecast Weather Without Any Gadgets

How To Forecast Weather Without Any Gadgets

I come across this and thought it was some quite good basic information that will help you in forecasting the weather.

I felt this could help those trying to read their surroundings, part of the “Observe and Interact” permaculture principle.

“Red sky at night, sailors delight.
Red sky in the morning, sailors warning”

Permaculture Zones

Permaculture Zones

The Permaculture Design process dictates that the best approach is to basically place the set areas that you need to visit and observe the most the closest to the house. So for example a herb garden (for use in the Kitchen) is best located in Zone 0 etc

This is a basic example below but shows well the logical positions:

Coloured Photo taken from
Example Photo taken from

Use A Solar/Sun Compass When Planning Your Designs

Sun Compass

“A compass is of course a vital tool for determining the orientation of your plot. Illustrated is a ‘solar compass’ which is also useful for working out sun sectors e.g. where the sun will rise and set and its highest point in the sky at different times of the year.”

Solar Compass For Land Design

Photo taken from Graham Burnetts site

This Global Wind Map Is Mesmerising



This is really quite amazing, the information we have access to now is immense. This is a “visualization of global weather conditions, forecast by supercomputers and updated every three hours”.

The link I’ve provided below goes directly over England:,51.74,2048