Crop Rotations and Successions in Permaculture

Crop Rotations and Successions in Permaculture

Showing information and a diagram of Crop Rotations and Successions in a Permaculture Garden.
Photo Credit: Graham Bell in The Permaculture Garden

Nine Layers of the Food Forest Guilds

Nine Layers of the Food Forest Guilds

This shows the 9 Layer Guild of a Food forest used in Permaculture Design.

Such a beneficial system where everything has it’s place and is productive. An excellent example of a Food Forest is Robert Harts Garden in England, UK but they are many others around the world.

HSL Plug Plants for UK Mail Order

HSL Plug Plants for UK Mail Order

This is one for next year really and is just a follow up to my last post to say that you can buy some of the Tomato varieties from the Heritage Seed Library in “plug” plants exclusively Delfland Nurseries via mail order. 

What I got from them back in April, 6 plants for £16.50 with free delivery:

  • Tomato “Jubilee”
  • Tomato “Darby Striped”
  • Tomato “Noir”
  • Tomato “Orange Bannana”
  • Tomato “Small Pear Shape”
  • Tomato “Wladeck’s”

I’ll be reporting back soon with pictures from the greenhouse to show how they are getting on, the good ad the bad… one or two of them like Wladecks and Noir are looks very nice indeed, can’t wait to sample there delights

Let me know if I’m missing out on any other mail order Heritage/Heirloom plants, thanks!