We Are What You Eat?

Eye opening clip showing the ugly side of our industrial scale meat production and ends in showing us what its doing to our bodies!

Really is well worth a watching, the part showing the pigs was really quite disgusting! As consumers we have really got to use our spending power and not buy mass produced rubbish.

Its just another reason to support local farms that have humane stocking densities and treat their livestock well. Look for farms selling onsite butchers and those that distribute at farmers markets for more informed information about where your meat comes from. Other interesting things to look out for is “rare breeds”, “organic”, “free range”, they often are more focused on quality over quantity.

Finally its got to be said we eat a lot more meat than we need in a western diet and it’s said by Doctors here in the UK that a Mediterranean diet is the way to go which entails having meat just once a week (along with fish twice a week). Maybe cuttings back on the meat and spending more money on a higher quality well reared animal while supporting local businesses is likely best for us all. Of course I’ll let you be the judge of that!

This clip is taken from the movie “Samsara”.

Author: Andrew

My name's Andrew Towell, I’m 32 years of age and I was born and live in a coastal town called Hartlepool located in the North East of England. The idea behind starting the blog is for me to research sustainable living practices, I enjoy growing plants so their will be an emphasis on organic food production.

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