Amazing Organic Rare Breed Sausages

pigs & Hens 2_1

I’ve just had the most amazing tasting sausages I think I’ve ever had, I bought them from a lovely farm called “Kielder Organic Meats” in Northumberland. This sausage is a mix between Saddleback and Tamworth I believe.
The farm specialises in rearing Organic Rare Breed animals and is ran by a nice down to earth lady called Michelle and her husband. These are going to make the best ever “pigs in blankets” (Sausage wrapped in bacon) for Christmas.
Get your self along to the farm shop or place your order for chrimbo, I highly recommend them. For comparisons sake they are priced the same as say Tesco Finest sausages, £9 a kilo. That all said no supermarket version compares to what I’ve just ate.

Support Rare Breeds, Support Organic, Support Local and Buy Direct!

Amazing Organic Rare Breed Sausages

Author: Andrew

My name's Andrew Towell, I’m 32 years of age and I was born and live in a coastal town called Hartlepool located in the North East of England. The idea behind starting the blog is for me to research sustainable living practices, I enjoy growing plants so their will be an emphasis on organic food production.

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